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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka 01 - First Impressions

When I first read about Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka in the various fall 2008 anime previews, I decided not to bother with it since it was based on an adult visual novel. Well, somebody pointed out that the series actually has a pretty notable voice cast. I don't really pay much attention to the names of seiyus, but surprisingly even I recognized more than a couple names from the cast list. I'm okay with romantic comedies so I decided to give it a try.

Cool-looking action hero... wait, are we even watching the right show?

The Geno Killer. Muhahahaha...

Here's the basic story: our main protagonist Jun'ichi Nagase saves a cute stranger from two guys who were bothering her. Those guys recognize Jun'ichi as the "Geno Killer", which kind of piques the cute girl's interests. Next day, Jun'ichi goes to school and finds that the cute girl he saved has transferred into his class. Both Jun'ichi and the girl, named Yuuhi Katagiri, are feeling shy after seeing each other, but they seem to be getting along. The next day, Yuuhi seems to be getting into a situation in class, and for some reason Jun'ichi kisses her in front of all of their classmates. This causes Yuuhi to kick Jun'ichi in the nuts and beat him up. After school, Jun'ichi is recovering at home with his little sister Minato. The doorbell rings and to Jun'ichi and Minato's surprise, the person standing in front of the house is Yuuhi. Yuuhi then reveals that Jun'ichi is supposed to her fiancé,


and effect...

and further effect.

I'm moving in with you, so no hard feelings about kicking you in the balls earlier, okay?

There are parts of the episode that I just don't get, such as the part in the beginning with the action hero? What exactly does that have to do with the rest of the episode? I also didn't understand why Jun'ichi suddenly kissed Yuuhi out of the blue, or the part with the girl talking on the ham radio near the end. Maybe I wasn't paying attention, but I find the episode a little confusing.

The main story was okay but it's nothing special, and it wasn't all that funny either (except the part where Jun'ichi got kicked in the balls). The animation quality is average at best, and while the episode was passable, there's nothing that really appealling. The voice cast doesn't really matter if the story is mediocre. I think I'll pass.